10 Styling Secrets For Short Man | Stylists Tips They Swear By ! | Look Taller #Myrolexproject

Are you the “small package” good things come in?


You may appear way cuter, need less legroom, you got nothing to worry about bumping your head, you have less chances of toppling over things (Thank your low centre of gravity), you get to stand ahead in a picture Always! And also scientifically you are deemed you have prolonged life!! It cannot get better than this can it?

However..The rack of clothing display at your favourite shopping outlet can be a bit of a pain in the neck when you are forced to meander through each and every piece of garment scrutinizing the length and breadth and stretch and spread.



While fashion industry has conveniently forgotten your existence, we bring to you the most handy tips and tricks keep your fashion game top-notch and yes with the same clothes in the market.

  1. Horizontal stripes? Leave it there boy



If you spot a really cool shirt with your favorite colored stripes on it that too within your budget…what do you do? Credit card inside bud….Put it right back there!! Horizontal stripes no matter how breezy they look they are your worst enemies. Instead grab that vertically-striped shirt there….


A vertical line on the shirt creates an illusion of an elongated upper body and lends an instant stretch to your demeanor. Vertical stripes are available in tees, pinstripes suit, formal shirts, casual t-shirt and so-on.


  1. Keep those threads fitted



Pay detailed attention to the size of your stature you always wanna go for garments that you think will fit you precisely. Well-fitted attire makes you appear more confident and brazen. There are also chances of you feeling slimmer in case you are any conscious of your weight. So the next time you hit the store look out for your fit.


  1. Embrace the monochrome range

 Color tones have a more drastic influence on your look than you think they do. Different shades of colors may be visually appealing but be aware they hinder the streamlined look. To avoid this you might wanna try colors especially dark ones coming from a similar palette off course with varying shades.

For instance, Dark grey formal pants paired with a lighter shirt generate a lengthening effect.



  1. Accessories are your best friends.

Incorporate accessories that follow a vertical streamline, positioned on the upper body. Hats, narrow ties, tie pin, sunglasses and pocket squares all of these do the trick when it comes to looking taller by accessorizing. Scarves can be a great addition as well to your illusionary look.


  1. Ditch that trench coat

 Long overcoats or jackets makes you look shorter and even overweight. No one wants that now. No matter how stylish it comes across long jacket for you is unflattering and a big no-no. Opt for shorter waist length jackets. Now that`s a clever deal.But If you still want to buy one, Click the image to buy it.

  1. Keep that posture in check



Nothing from this list or any list would work for you if you have a recurring habit of slouching.

Slouching directly impacts the vertebrate in the spine and reduces your overall height, plus it looks highly unattractive and sketchy

. When you adopt a more crisp posture you appear more poised and self-assured.


  1. Cut out on the “men in black” wish



Aforementioned monochromatic hues however unfortunately do not include shades of black.

We know we know the love for black can be highly addictive and every man in black looks gorgeous but that may not be the best look for you.

Although black speaks coherence and consistency they can also make you look shorter. Instead choose more basic monochromes like brown, grey and white.


  1. Watch that feet

A slight heel to your shoes can weigh up your posture quotient so focus on that shoes.

Keep them pointed, keep them sharp and keep them elongated yes that`s the way.


  1. Keep your shirt and hair short



Longer shirt will give a false impression of you mixing up the incorrect size.

A shirt with a short length adds up to balance in proportions of other clothing items on your body.

Hair provides a neat look to your face and gives an illusion of an elongated neck and chin. Who doesn`t want that?


10. Short sleeves and V- Neck!!



Your neckline if the first thing people hold grasp on after your face. Wearing V-neck t-shirts allows for the onlooker`s eyes to visualize a long pattern going down to your torso. Avoid a round neckline altogether.

Try keeping your hands on full display and short sleeves offers you the freedom to do so. Go ahead ditch those long sleeves formals!!


So now that you know how to make the best of what you’ve got the final and maybe the most important tip is to be confident and to be happy with what you have, because nothing is sexier than a man who is confident.





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