10 Tips :Get Back with your EX get Him or Her | Together again | Love after Breakup Ex Factor tips

The feeling of love either falling in it or out of it is a total emotional rollercoaster. Regardless of who dumped whom it still hurts.So, you have made up your mind that you want to get back. In this list we give you  you a few key tried and tested tips. Use *Tip No 1* EX-FACTOR GUIDE  when you are really struggling with time and need to get back before it gets too late.Read on to find out what are the steps to be taken to get your ex back.

10)     Make sure who dumped whom:

     This point can be quite confusing. Especially when there has been no communication prior to the breakup. It may seem clear that she dumped you but were you upset or actually wanted it a bit. This would actually answer your question. Sometimes breakups happen because we desire it somehow. But we aren’t able to do it. Instead, we do things which pushes her away and make her dump us. There should be no confusion regarding the fact that whether you really wanted it or not.


9)     Know why the breakup happened:




      If you are reading on then surely you want her back. Then the most important thing to know is why it happened. Maybe it was her fault, or her fault or both of your faults. Or maybe the reason was something else like one of you changing cities or family troubles or anything. Understanding the reason is crucial to move ahead with this plan.


8)     Try to rectify your mistakes:


     After knowing the reason it’s time to act upon it. Most of the time the reasons are some mistakes on one of the partner’s behalf. And they can usually be rectified. If you acted like douchebag then change yourself and don’t be one. If the reason is something else like moving away to another city or the jobs, then try to find a solution for it which would be acceptable to her.

7)     Don’t contact her:

      Now, since you have broken up and it’s ok to be desperate to talk to her, but hold that thought. Before you do it, remember that you two broke up for some reason. Calling her up or wanting to meet her would make you look needy and desperate. Girls don’t generally like guys who are needy. Give her sometime and let things calm down a bit. You just went through a lot of trauma and your decision making capability is surely not working right. Anything you do now would probably misfire. Make her believe you can handle the breakup like a grown up.

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6)     Have a life of your own:


      Use this time to get a life of your own. There’s nothing you can do much and to get a hold of yourself, you need to go out and find yourself. Hang out with your friends and have trips and enjoy this time. Do what you love to do and explore. Meet new people and have a good laugh. Get your life sorted out and have a clear view of the future.Don’t let the breakup get to you and get depressed. Look at your life with a different view.

5)     Improve yourself:

      This is the time you need to put in to improve yourself. Join a gym or a health club and get fit. Do things which will rejuvenate you. Visit a spa maybe, to relax. Avoid gorging on junk food just because you are unhappy enough not to cook and eat healthy. Maintain a diet and bring back that glow on your face. Get a new haircut or a new set of clothes of a new design and get a makeover. Go to seminars and learn to have a meaningful insight into your life. Do anything which would make you better.

4)     Try to get her attention without letting it become too obvious:

      Now since you have improved and corrected your mistakes, this is the time to reveal the new ‘you’ to her. She would be amazed on seeing what you have become and maybe, just maybe remember the guy with whom she fell in love with. Get her attention, but be careful not to look needy. She should feel that she accidentally found you and you are happy.

3)     Be Subtile while contacting her without looking needy:

     When you are sure she has noticed you, send her a simple message. Nothing too serious or flirty. Just a simple hello or a hi would be enough. Strike up a light conversation and make her feel comfortable. Do not even try to bring up the old memories in the hope of drowning her in nostalgia and then expect her to fall in love with you again. Act as if you just met her. Let her remember the first time she met you. Be cool and patient.

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     Getting back with your ex is a very tricky thing. The most important thing is to ponder upon why the break up happened in the first place. But Next step is to take action. Most important secret is to actually change  and not fake it, she would eventually find out and leave again.

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